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All About Membership

Who can join

The Railtowns United membership is for municipalities and geographical areas in the United States that are connected and intersected by railroad. Members include villages, towns, and cities. Membership is also available to districts, areas, regions, wards, buroughs, and counties.

We are a young organization and able to customize packages to fit various needs.

If you don't find what your community needs, we're happy to talk with you about it!

Email or book 15 minutes with us.

Member benefits

  • Emergency and policy-based advocacy for your town's enhanced safety and boosted commerce, including running public influence campaigns and engaging in strategic lobbying to create lasting impact.

  • Collaborative initiatives with your fellow members- sharing resources and effective strategies, and establishing powerful networks for shared success.

  • Partners and affiliates whose work and missions are aligned with the goal of your safe and thriving community for your citizens.

Our services, designed to enhance your community's safety, growth, and legislative influence, continue to take shape with your input at the forefront. As a member-driven organization, your voice matters. Your insights will guide the evolution of membership benefits, ensuring they align with your aspirations and address your community's challenges. Together, we're continually sculpting a dynamic suite of offerings that reflect our collective commitment to railtown excellence.

How to join

  1. Click any of the red Join Now buttons on this page. You will be taken to a page with dues listed by population size.

  2. From the dues page you can request your invoice and w9. Or, you may click the choice that includes the population size of your municipality. You will be taken to your checkout page. Your receipt and a w9 will be emailed when your payment is received.

  3. You will receive an intake email with your next step, usually a welcome call or video chat with one of our founders!

When to join

We operate a rolling membership model. You can join when convenient for you and your membership will be in place for 12 months from that date.

What you'll need at checkout

At checkout, you will be asked to provide the name and state of your municipality or area, the email address for the contact person of the member municipality, billing address, and credit card or ACH information.

If you are paying by invoice, remittance by check is an additional option.

Membership options are by population size.

Not finding what you need?

Let's fix that! Choose which option works best for you.

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