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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - First Full Member Announcement

Britni Eisenmann

Jan 29, 2024

New Haven Helps Launch Railtowns United Movement

Today marks a significant milestone as the city of New Haven proudly announces its revolutionary role as the inaugural full member of Railtowns United, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at revitalizing and empowering rail-connected communities nationwide.

Mayor Steve McMichael and his team were instrumental in the establishment of this new organization, dedicated to fostering safe, accessible, and thriving railtowns. In the summer of 2023, Mayor McMichael issued a challenge to (now) Co-Executive Directors Britni Eisenmann and Tate Linden, urging them to find innovative ways to help towns like New Haven more effectively integrate rail into their communities.

“This partnership extends far beyond New Haven; it encompasses all rail-connected communities and the vital rail networks that drive our communities' growth," emphasized Mayor McMichael.

With a swift and impactful collaboration, New Haven's investment in Railtowns United has already yielded significant results, enabling the organization to secure tax-exempt status. "This means more of our support goes towards solutions that every railtown can benefit from," affirmed co-Director Linden. "We represent the interests of all railtowns. Our goal is simple, yet immense: make every railtown safe, accessible, and thriving."

Railtowns United is actively engaging with major industry players and has caught the attention of railroads like Norfolk Southern, who are keen on contributing to the wellbeing of railtown communities. "We're excited to find ways to partner with them and the many railroads, industry vendors, agencies, and experts we’re discovering are eager to help," Eisenmann added.

The organization is gearing up to launch a comprehensive array of services in the upcoming months, designed to empower railtowns. These services will encompass assistance in finding grants, offering guidance on applications, and sharing best practices tailored to enhance governance, city planning, and emergency response, with a specific focus on rail-connected communities.

“Thousands of communities across the country exist today largely because a railroad ran through the area over a hundred years ago. Being a railtown was a point of pride,” said Linden. “Working with railtowns and supporters, we’re making it one again.”

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Media Contacts:  


City of New Haven                                          Railtowns United

Pone Vongphachanh                                      Britni Eisenmann 


(260) 748-7041                                                 (765) 490-4729  

About City of New Haven

New Haven is a vibrant community of over 16,500 people in Eastern Allen County. New Haven prides itself as a community that serves.  The McMichael administration is focused on making New Haven the best place to live, work, play, run a business or visit in Northeast Indiana. More information can be found at the City’s website NewHaven.IN.Gov

If you have any questions or non-emergency issue, please contact the City of New Haven at (260) 748-7079 or by email at

About Railtowns United

Railtowns United is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the revitalization and empowerment of rail-connected communities. With a focus on safety, accessibility, and prosperity, Railtowns United brings together railtowns, railroads, and industry stakeholders to give communities a true sense of Railtown Pride.

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