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The Emergency Response Intelligence Report


A groundbreaking new first responder tool for members.

The Emergency Response Intelligence Report is brought to you by TRAINFO. This report equips our members with crucial insights into the specific real-world risks and delays caused by blocked rail crossings, a concern that affects thousands communities across our network.

The customized report is available at no extra cost to our Full Members, while Associate Member communities pay an introductory rate of just $79.

All it takes is access to your anonymized emergency dispatch data and a few weeks to run the analysis.

Why the Emergency Response Intelligence Report Matters:


Quantify Risks of Delays

Discover the probability and severity of first responder delays at each rail crossing within your jurisdiction.


Make Informed Decisions

Utilize historical 911 call log data combined with rail data from the Federal Railroad Administration to support strategic planning and risk mitigation.


Access to Predictive Insights

Benefit from predictive rail crossing blockage information that seamlessly integrates into Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) software, aiding first responders in avoiding delays.


Perform Due Diligence for Grants

Leverage what you learn for grant applications that often require initial studies to be included in the materials.

But wait, there's more!


In a special initiative for members,

TRAINFO is only providing this complimentary risk assessment for a limited period.


If you’re interested? Be quick!


Click the button below to email and request your complimentary risk assessment to TRAINFO!

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