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For the Safety and Viability of Our Towns, People, and the Rails that Connect Us.

Get Connected.
Fund Safety & Accessibility.
Learn & Thrive.

At Railtowns United, we're focused on finding the fixes and funding that make railtowns safe, accessible, and thriving. This year we're focusing on delivering three key services. 

First, we're establishing a grant-finding and application guidance program for any American railtown looking to address safety and accessibility issues related to railroad activity with an infrastructure or technology solution. 

Next, we're establishing partnerships with industry non-profits and experts to make comprehensive best-practices easily accessible to anyone who needs them. Our members have asked us to focus on a few areas to start: relationship management, emergency preparedness, and public safety education. 

And perhaps most importantly, we're creating a national community of *all* railtowns, whether paying members or not. We've had rail-connected communities in America for over 150 years, yet there's never been an organized effort to learn from and grow with each other. 

Join us, and for you and your town it'll start today.

Free membership is available! 


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Who is driving Railtowns United?

Tate Linden

co-Executive Director, Strategy + Policy

Britni Eisenmann

co-Executive Director, Operations + Membership

Get to Know Us!

Railtowns United's strategy and policy is led by visionary and organizational integrity expert, Tate Linden. Tate is headquartered in the Washington DC area and has been an Executive Creative Director and strategic consultant for 20+ years, doing transformational work for clients such as Google, DARPA, the US Congress, and the entire concrete industry of north America. Tate has raised billions of dollars for infrastructure in the US.

Railtowns United's operations and membership are led by Britni Eisenmann.Britni is headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and has an advanced degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. She began her career in social services, quickly gaining expertise in structuring and streamlining critical systems and building super-cohesive teams. Britni built and trained a learning community of 800+ folks online, and brings membership experience expertise.

The need for Railtowns United was uncovered in mid-2023. Britni and Tate were dialoguing with the mayor of a town of about 15k in the Midwest. The mayor has the aggressive growth goal for the town and asked Britni and Tate, through their company Stokefire, if they would help him to identify and solve for internal and external barriers to the goal. Tate quickly saw that the problem of the town's commerce center being cut off by stopped freight trains was not only very costly and dangerous, but could drive small businesses out of their downtown and potentially future citizens.

Tate quickly discovered that this is a challenge that no family, town, city, or even state has been able to solve...for generations. There are a whole lot of other related challenges as well.  It was clear- leaders of municipalities need to be connected across the country, provided with effective tools, best practices, and resources for working well with rail companies and the industry.

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