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For the Safety and Viability of Our Towns, People, and the Rails that Connect Us.

Railway Tracks

Add Your Voice.
Bring Change.

At Railtowns United, our mission is to ignite a powerful national alliance of rail town elected officials, chambers of commerce, Departments of Transportation, and visionary leaders united by a shared goal: to transform railtowns into safe and thriving epicenters of convenience, commerce and prosperity. Through unwavering collaboration, we champion solutions that transcend tracks, elevate safety, enhance access, and pave the way for unprecedented economic growth. Join us in forging a new era where railtowns flourish, united in the pursuit of a brighter, safer, and more vibrant future.

Planned Services

We're in the process of crafting comprehensive services tailored to your unique needs, but one thing is certain: our dedication to your railtown's viability is unwavering. Our services, designed to enhance safety, foster growth, and amplify influence, are currently taking shape with your input at the forefront. As a member-driven organization, your voice matters. Your insights will guide the evolution of these services, ensuring they align with your aspirations and address your community's challenges. Together, we're sculpting a dynamic suite of offerings that reflect our collective commitment to railtown excellence.

  • Collaborative Initiatives: Uniting railtown mayors, chambers of commerce, and leaders in dynamic collaborations that share resources and drive positive change

  • Partnerships & Networking: Establishing powerful partnerships and networks that amplify your influence and elevate rail towns.

  • Advocacy & Influence: Advocating for policies that enhance safety, boost commerce, and pave the way for prosperous railtown communities. This includes running public influence campaigns and engaging in strategic lobbying to create lasting impact.

  • Railroad Safety Initiatives: Developing viable and robust safety initiatives to ensure the well-being of railtown residents and visitors.

  • Accessible Infrastructure Planning: Transforming rail towns with options for accessible infrastructure for pedestrians, vehicles, and commerce.

  • Traffic Flow Optimization: Identifying or proposing streamlined pathways that enhance traffic flow and keep railtowns connected and vibrant.

  • Economic Development Programs: Empowering railtowns to thrive by fostering economic growth and opportunity.

  • Commerce Enhancement Strategies: Boosting local businesses and commerce to create bustling centers of economic activity.

  • Community Growth Support: Nurturing vibrant communities that flourish as engines of prosperity and well-being.

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Who is driving Railtowns United?

Britni Eisenmann

Co Director

Tate Linden

Co Director

Get to Know Us!

Railtowns United operations are led by Britni Eisenmann, Industrial/Organizational Psychology practitioner and organizational effectiveness consultant. Britni is headquartered east of Chicago. She began her career as a social worker, quickly gaining expertise in structuring and streamlining critical systems and building super-cohesive teams. She pivoted to organizational development consulting when her services were requested by organizations locally and internationally.

Railtowns United's strategy is led by visionary and organizational integrity expert, Tate Linden. Tate is headquartered in the Washington DC area and has been an Executive Creative Director and strategic consultant for 20+ years, doing transformational work for clients such as Google, DARPA, the US Congress, and the entire concrete industry of north America. Tate has raised billions of dollars for infrastructure in the US.

The need for Railtowns United was uncovered in mid-2023. Britni and Tate were dialoguing with the mayor of a town of about 15k in the Midwest. The mayor has the aggressive growth goal for the town and asked Britni and Tate, through their company Stokefire, if they would help him to identify and solve for internal and external barriers to the goal. Tate quickly saw that the problem of the town's commerce center being cut off by stopped freight trains was not only very costly and dangerous, but could drive small businesses out of their downtown and potentially future citizens.

Tate dove into research and quickly discovered that this is a challenge that no family, town, city, or even state has been able to solve...for generations. There are a whole lot of other related challenges as well.  It was clear- leaders of municipalities need to be connected across the country, provided with effective tools and resources for working with rail companies, and given the ability to take their concerns to the powers that be with one, united and compelling, voice.

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