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Mar 27, 2024

Railtowns United Partners with TRAINFO To Boost Rail Crossing Safety

Washington, DC, March 27, 2024: Railtowns United has announced TRAINFO as its first dual funder and strategic partner. The news comes with an exclusive benefit to Full Members: a free customized Emergency Response Intelligence Report for first responders.

Tate Linden, co-Executive Director at Railtowns United, shares, "We're dedicated to finding the fixes and funding that keep our member communities safe and accessible. Thanks to the generous funding and strategic partnership with TRAINFO we’re able to provide a critically important service to our members, and expose communities to a growing class of practical and affordable technological solutions for issues that required millions in infrastructure investments just a few years ago.” 

The Emergency Response Intelligence report from TRAINFO is just the first of many benefits of this partnership, delivering real-world insights into the impact of rail crossings on emergency response times. By quantifying the probability and severity of first responder delays, the report improves strategic planning and funding allocation, enhances community safety and preparedness, and can improve the odds of landing grant funding.

Garreth Rempel, CEO of TRAINFO, reflects on the collaboration: "The quickest path to accessible and safe crossings is to work directly with rail-connected communities on solutions. Our partnership with Railtowns United is a means to that end, and offers an opportunity to show that reductions in collisions, congestion, and first responder delays at rail crossings are possible through technological approaches and without a governmental mandate."

“This goes beyond making rail crossings safer,” said Linden. “It's about transforming how communities and the rail industry collaborate for safer, more connected towns. As we roll out more benefits and support through partnerships, we're proving what can be achieved when railtowns and the industry work as true partners. This is just the beginning of the journey towards safer, more accessible rail-connected communities, and we're proud to have TRAINFO pulling with us."

For more information about Railtowns United and how to become a Full Member to access the Emergency Response Intelligence report and other benefits, visit our website at

About Railtowns United

Railtowns United is dedicated to finding and applying solutions to challenges faced by American railtowns of all sizes, emphasizing safety, accessibility, and opportunity.


TRAINFO specializes in technologies that improve safety and mobility at rail crossings, with a focus on creating synergies between rail operations and community needs. 

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